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Do not listen to snide comments of those who believe that all kinds of online employment are unsuitable and that it is not the way to live one’s life. If you want to earn money online, then you should do it; ignore all the sarcastic and taunting words that come out of bullies. Let the critics snarl as much as they like; you do what you think is best for you. Online employment can help many people who otherwise will have difficulty making an income. An autistic person has difficulty in communication and interaction with other people; internet can help such people to make money at home. This helps them avoid a lot of stress and depression.

Business owners from all over the word are reaping the benefits of hiring employees online; many hire virtual transcriptionists on short-term contract. Some of these benefits are: (1) No need to hire permanent employees, (2) No office space requirement, (3) Employers can hire employees for short-term or long-term, (4) Payment can be made on per hour bases…

Hiring a virtual transcriptionist is beneficial for business owners in more than one way; that is why the demand for online transcriptionists is high. Many freelancers are making their living off doing transcription jobs. The pay is good; you can make more than what a decent office job pays. Doing work online means that you are in total control of making your daily work schedule. As these jobs are available 24/7, and in abundance, you can choose to do work whenever you want.

Voice to text and translation jobs

“Voice to text,” these three words say it all. It is a job where a person has to type words that he hears. A business owner may want to hire someone to type all the discussion of a meeting in his or her office. A person sitting in his home can do this job using simple tools and setup. He gets access to the meeting using microphone and optionally a video camera. In some jobs, freelancers get files that contain voice recordings and they have to type everything they hear from these recordings.

What skills do you need to qualify for a translation or a voice-2-text job?

The skills required depends on the kind of work that the employer wants you to do. If he wants some recorded data typed in Microsoft Word, then that is an easy work anybody can do; but if the job is to type live conversations, then you need to have fast typing speed. Typing live conservation is a work best suited for those of you who have past experience of this kind of work. For translation jobs, the requirements are simple and straightforward. You need the knowledge of two or more languages in order to apply for translation work. These jobs are basically simple typing work; the difference is that you type content from one language to another.

Which software do you need for transcription, voice-to-text, and translation jobs?

You can use any software, such as Open Office, Microsoft Office, etc.

Which tool do you need for communication with business owners?

Skype is usually what you need for communication with business owners. You can also use Skype or other similar tools when doing live conversation transcription jobs. Another thing you need is a fast a reliable internet connection.

Listed below are few sites where you can get these jobs:


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  • godwin udo

    i my godwin from nigeria am interesting in audio transcribing can u give me job to be pay by u

  • Md All Amin

    Hi. I am Md All Amin from Bangladesh. I can write Bengali, English, Urdu, and Arabic. I would like to thank you for writing about this opportunity.

  • Ashish Kumar Pandey

    Hi I know the transcription work of Hindi language Please contact me on my no +

  • isack

    am isack from kenya and able to transcribe audio to text…my contacts 0710235394

  • Shikha

    I want this work, I can better understand English, I got 7.5 bands in IELTS exam.

  • Deepa

    Hi, I am a bsc nurse since 6 years. I am interested in medical transcription. What should I do to start this. Please give me reply.

    • avrc

      hi. 30-40 WPM typing speed is necessary. Medical terminology anyway being nurse you will accustomed to. Good ears for English and interest in understanding various accents is also necessary.


    I am good at this job and am from Nigeria. I can transcribe from voice to text and from text to voice. My email address is *** yahoo com and my whatsapp number is +23480264*****

  • Geethapriya

    Interested in Transcription Jobs. I have around 4 years of experience in the field.

    • akash

      I need your help!


      Hello friend,

      Can you help me?
      I live in India. And I am new to this work.
      My whatsaap no. 8726575890
      And my skype id; ravi.gupta2657
      please help me

  • Ma. Ellen L. Base

    I am interested in home based jobs, I really need an extra income. Please help me! How can I join?

  • Rose san juan

    Hi. I’m interested for this job. How can I start or should I attend training for this? Thanks

    • Riz


      If you want home-based job you can apply here >> scribie dot com

      It’s an online transcription job where you will have to transcribe audio files to text. You have to pass their test though and once you are a certified transcriber, you may start earning online at the comfort of your home.

      Try it! I’m already earning here.. :)

  • Betsy

    How do I start?

  • nilesh n. bhamare

    Hello sir’ im looking for a part-time hbt job. Currently working as a direct uploader sr. Ehr specialist and looking for part-time medical transcription work. Have total of nine yrs work experience on all types of files. Kindly let me know if jobs available.

  • Katie

    I am very interested in the job! How do I continue?

  • Joanne Wayang

    I am interested in recorded data work.

  • sapna

    hi am intrested in home based jobs please help me how can i join

  • zoya patel

    I am looking for home-based medical transcription work.pls give me details about this

  • shah khalid

    i am an experience transcriber and translator.

  • sidra

    I am interested in doing this job but unable to get it even after making accounts on these sites. Can anyone help me out if he is already doing this work?

  • Sydney S Jones

    I am interested in pursing your VA positions, as mentioned. How do I proceed?

  • Dhananjay

    I am looking for home-based medical transcription work.

  • Stella

    Hi. Sir, I was able to get transcription and data entry jobs at elance. I would like to thank you for writing about this opportunity.

  • Bob

    So I went to #4 looking for remote transcription jobs, and they came up for France, Finland, and must live in UK. When I looked for a Feedback link to flame them, there wasn’t any.

    So thanks for that waste of time.

    • jmar

      Thats the spirit Bob!!! Get a job the first time you apply

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