Firefox - Forward, Refresh, Stop buttons gone?


After recent Firefox upgrade, the whole design has changed. I no longer see the forward, refresh and stop buttons. I want the old design and old style buttons back. How can I do that?


Install/Activate this Firefox Add-On.

If you also want to see the old Menu bar, right click anywhere on Firefox top bar and then left click [check/tick] on “Menu Bar” and “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

Now click on “Tools” and then “Add-ons”: here, open options for “classic theme restorer”

You can manually change the settings that mentioned below or you can download “CTRpreferences.txt” file. If you download the file, you can automatically import these settings by clicking on “Settings” and then Import.

You might be interested in setting the following “Options” in this add-on:

1. Click on “Tabs”, the second option is to move Tabs below the Address/Bookmarks bar.

2. Click on “General UI”. Check/Tick the following options:

“Movable back-forward button”
“Star-Button in urlbar”
“Hide urlbars stop and reload button”
“Combine stop and reload buttons”
“Movable fullscreen window and controls (min/max/close)”
“Panel menus: alternate background color”

3. Click on “Application button” and uncheck/untick the following:

“Firefox titlebar (about:….)”

4. Click on “Toolbar Settings” and check/tick the following:

“Navigation toolbar: remove background color (tabs not on top)”
“Bookmarks toolbar: remove background color (tabs not on top)”
“Top toolbar: remove background color (tabs not on top)”
“Hide add-on bars close button”
“Remove background color (Windows AeroGlass/8)”

Download Settings To Import: CTRpreferences.txt

The following images show some parts of the new Firefox with default settings, no plugin/add-on installed:




After installing the Theme Restorer add-on, Firefox can be transformed back into its old design:




After you are finished setting the add-on, you can get rid of any unnecessary items by manually customizing Firefox. For example, you might want to get rid of the “Application Button” as you will not need it after restoring the “Menu Bar”. Application button is shown in the following image:



Right click anywhere on the menu bar and click on “Customize”, then left-click and hold the application-button and drag & drop it anywhere below:



In the customization window, you can also add features/buttons or remove any that you don’t want.

If you do not see the Refresh and Stop buttons, you can add them using customize option. Note: if you want the stop/refresh buttons to be joined, then place Stop button first.



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9 Comments on "Firefox – Forward, Refresh, Stop buttons gone?"
  • bobby

    thanks, this helped.

  • Gretchen

    Why DO people ruin few goods things that are out there???

    Firefox, you now SUCKKKK

    Stupid people, what the hell r u doing to firefox? There is like a update every hour. What is wrong with u?
    there are add-ons that are not working anymore. I begged a developer to update his addon and he said he is fed-up with firefox making huge code changes like everyday.

    you sons ********

  • Irma

    I upgraded firefox today and the new version seems to be very difficult to use.

  • Q

    thanks, that was a useful tip. I prefer the internet explorer over Firefox as it is simple to use and it doesn’t do updates which are hard to understand but some web pages don’t open well with internet explorer and that is where Firefox comes in handy.

  • holmberg

    I stopped using the damn browser when they suddenly decided to NOT allow Google pagerank Toolbar anymore. Firefox is a freeware or what? If users want some feature, how can they deny the rights of several thousand users. If you ask me I would stay away from this foxy good for nothing browser and switch to Google’s Chrome. Yes chrome also does not have pagerank any toolbar but their reasons for this is completely different than mozilla’s lame reason.

  • Berry

    F*** you firefox… you and your stupid updates are simply disgusting. Its like you force me to change the Microsoft Windows I use… I use Windows Vista and will continue to use for few more years. If Microsoft starts doing what you do, they would force us to buy the newest windows and we will have no choice as update will install automatically.

    Stop this nonsense… You are making a wreck of it… stop now

  • Clarke

    I have upgraded Mozilla Firefox and now i cant find most of the options.
    Kindly help me out.

  • carolyn

    I’ve added your addon in firefox but i still don’t see my bookmarks. before i upgraded firefox, bookmarks were shown below the place where you type site address. anyone can point me in the right direction? thxx

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