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Internet’s trust and reliability is striving as more and more people share their knowledge and experience online. The information we find online today is precise and constructive all due to the contribution of millions of online users who are sharing information from all corners of the world. While users add much of this information for free, some of it is paid for.

Nowadays, sharing your knowledge and experience can enable you to make a decent amount of cash. Every day, thousands of users earn cash for writing such useful information; we call them online product reviews. Writing paid reviews is a very rewarding and interesting venture.

Online item testing jobs are very enjoyable as well as profitable. These jobs require product reviewers to to write simple and honest reviews, and at no point they can influence themselves by any advertising consideration. The review must be unbiased and the writer must have first-hand experience with the product. Honesty and truth are two indispensable elements in product testing business.

Test products and write reviews

It is a job, which has a charismatic reputation; part of its mystique stems from the fact that, you can make thousands of dollars each month, just by sharing your opinion. You neither do any physical work nor spend countless hours in front of your PC. The task is simple; you write your opinion of a product, which you are using or have used in the past. Users, who buy a product and use it for months [possibly years,] can provide excellent feedback. Such feedback is priceless for new costumers and that is why, many companies will pay you lots of cash to share your experience by writing an online product review.

Electronics, like a dishwasher, washing machine, juicer, computer hardware, and books are some common items users write reviews for. If you look around your room right now, you definitely can see many such items that are worthy of writing a review about. You are probably using a PC, a Laptop, an iPad or a similar device to read the content of this webpage; you can write a review about the device you are using[at this moment] or write about any other device, which you have used and tested in the past.

Make cash from writing reviews

Along with the usual perks, product reviewing also has a bonus feature. It enables you to receive electronic equipment for free; companies send different items to reviewers for free. So testers get both the product and payment for the review. However, this reward is only available for those who have proved themselves as trustworthy reviewers.

You can also review other items such as websites. This product testing job requires you to comment on website design, quality of content, ease of use etc. It does not include usability testing; that is a separate job.

The length of reviews are in the following range; 100 to 350 words. A short but useful review can outweigh a poorly written 500 words review. Therefore, companies prefer quality over quantity; and as a result, they ask reviewers to write short but effective product reviews.

Listed below are few websites where you can get these testing jobs:


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Author: Angel Sargent
Date: 2017-01-05 03:40:20
Said: THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! If this is a legit site, then I’m all in. I am always writing, from poems, short stories, essays to even journalism. I give my best opinion, always. My cousin was telling me about doing reviews and getting free stuff, I just thought.. it’s to good to be true!¡!

Author: meli
Date: 2017-01-26 17:00:48
Said: Hello,

I have read all the great /motivating information provided on in regards to getting paid for your true honest opinion of products. I am very interested in testing items and sharing my sincere opinion. I will satisfy the requirements of quality over quantity by expressing my opinion in a respectable detailed fashion. My words will be written for the everyday person who is seeking a honest, informative, personal experience and opinion about the item they are interested in.

Author: rebecca morgan
Date: 2017-02-10 05:16:27
Said: I am Rebecca and I’m just fascinated with the social media marketing. I’m looking to get my own blog and then start e-marketing and product testing/reviewing services. I love this kind of work so please send some business my way. I will always be sincere truthful and have a good time doing it.

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