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Genuine paid surveys do exist online and are not that hard to find. Earning from this opportunity is feasible for those who are looking for an extra income of less than $3000 a month. However, people living in third world countries consider such revenue as healthy as it can get; even the president there might not be making such dough. For them, paid online survey jobs are an employment, which can generate a fortune as it pays much more than any full-time office job their country has to offer.


Other than being an undeniably straightforward job, a paid online survey is also not a time-consuming ordeal. It offers a fun experience and at the same time, one receives information about different new products, some of which are not even available in the market. Paid survey is different than product testing, which involves similar opinion giving work, is clearly a different line-of-work, mainly because it requires receiving products via mail and then using them for testing purposes. Paid surveys are very similar to simple typing jobs.

Mini Games, Offers, and Bingo

Apart from surveys, you can also make money by playing online mini games including Bingo. Some other games are Spin2Win, ClixGrid, CarRacing. These games are so simple to play even a child can do it. Some companies pay money to users who download their mobile app or game, and use it. The more you use, the more money you make. Bingo is one of the most interesting games and it pays real cash. Apart from mini games and Bingo, these sites give multiple offers to members each day. Completing these offers result in winning rewards and cash.

Filling online surveys and doing other aforementioned tasks are all very simple jobs. To complete a paid survey, you are only required to visit a webpage, and give answers to some simple questions. Companies who are making new products, or the ones who want to improve existing products, want to get feedback from consumers in order to make their products better; this is where you and your opinion comes in, in the form of paid-surveys and different offers. These corporations usually do not ask you to test any product physically.

You can make a handsome amount of money by completing a single paid survey. These jobs are as simple as data entry, but the pay is significantly more. You can receive the money you earn at survey sites by different payment methods. PayPal is the most popular withdrawal option that people use. Other withdrawal options include Skrill, Cheque, and a direct bank deposit.

Make money from offers

Paid online survey sites offer money as well as credits to its members. You can redeem points to earn prizes. Most survey sites pay money in US Dollars. You can use the credits you earn to purchase different kinds of items, or you can convert them to real money. The money you make by completing surveys and offers, accumulates in your account until you request a withdrawal.

Needless to say, these surveys, offers, mini-games and other simple jobs demands no experience or any kind of skill. Everyone can do this with ease. In some cases, a manufacturer will offer to send you one of their products, so that you can test it to give a useful feedback to the company. This kind of work is more like “product testing,” than it is survey filling, and it pays more money.


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      Different factors determine the amount of cash you can earn; for instance, your country of residence matters a lot. You live in India so you will make less money from these sites. Members from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc. will make much more. These sites give such members offers, surveys, and high paying ad views. Members from Pakistan, India, Srilanka etc. unfortunately make less money as very less offers and surveys can available to them.

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