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Online CAPTCHA entering is without a doubt, the easiest job one can find on the internet but unfortunately, it involves doing entirely SPAM work. To see spammers lure innocent people into doing their spam work for them is truly disgusting. It is sad to see reputable freelance websites not making enough efforts to stop these horrible swindlers from posting these crappy CAPTCHA job listings. Internet is overflowing by articles that advertise Captcha as the best home based business you can start without investing any money. These advertisements sound great, but the devil is in the detail!


captcha-entry-is-scam-image-1Scammers, spammers, and hackers hire freelancers to do their dirty data entry work. Many individuals and companies are suffering due to increasing CAPTCHA abuse. Most of the people, who they hire, are innocent, and they do not realize the extent of damage they are inflicting on others until it’s too late. They hire these helpers from different countries including Congo, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Gambia, Nepal, and Rwanda. They mostly target poor countries, as these freelancers are desperate to make money.

Freelancers fall into this trap, which scammers lay for them, quite easily. This is because these thieves camouflage their dirty data entry work with different labels such as “Easy High Paying CAPTCHA data entry jobs,” and other very tempting titles/labels.

These people have a criminal’s mind and they are trying to sabotage the internet, websites, and businesses. To carry out the real dirty work, they hire naive people using different freelance markets. They outsource CAPTCHA entry jobs to freelancers using online freelance job markets.

What exactly is a CAPTCHA entry or typing job?

“CAPTCHA” is a protection system that prevents misuse of online services; for instance, webmail services like Gmail and Yahoo-Mail use this protection to stop spammers from making millions of email accounts. The page, which uses CAPTCHA protection, ask the user to enter a series of characters/letters from an image into a box. The page can only process user’s request if all the typed characters/letters are correct.

To automate the process of registering email and other accounts, spammers create different scripts, or software. These can automatically fill-in [in milliseconds] all the details such as Name, Password, and Gender, but they cannot fully complete the process because of the aforementioned CAPTCHA safety mechanism; here is where they require a real human who can by-pass this CAPTCHA safety feature to complete the process.

Below is an image, which I found online, of a CAPTCHA entering software. It is automatically creating Yahoo email accounts:


Spammers use these automatically generated email accounts in various other spam activities. They can sell these accounts to other spammers or use them to create accounts on other websites such as, Craigslist. These accounts sell at a higher price. There are several online illegal marketplaces where one can sell or buy email and other accounts [such as Gmail, Craigslist, Facebook] in bulk.

CAPTCHA work is not worth the effect

You have the option to post a comment on this article. If you go to the bottom of this page, you will see a Comment-Form. It asks users to enter their Name, Email-Address, and off course the Comment. Spammers can abuse this feature to gain backlinks, advertise, or to crash my website by overloading the system by adding thousands of comments every minute using a software. To stop that from happening, my site also uses CAPTCHA protection.

So following are few obvious reasons why you should avoid doing all kinds of online CAPTCHA entry jobs:

Reason # 1

Unmistakably, CAPTCHA entry job is pure spam. If you choose to do this, you will be part of a cybercrime. Remember that hackers, scammers, and spammers have orchestrated this scheme.

Reason # 2

Compensation for a CAPTCHA job is disgustingly low; you can make only few pennies per hour. These thieves will try to deceit you by saying that you can make stacks of money, but those are all lies. You cannot make hundreds of dollars every day; in fact, you can hardly make any money at all.

Reality check; continuous eight hours of this dirty CAPTCHA entry job will pay on average less than 3 dollars. Involvement in this cybercrime is not even rewarding. You will work for hours and in the end, you will earn only pennies.

Reason # 3

captcha-entry-is-scam-image-2As said before, bad people outsource these dirty CAPTCHA jobs, so can you really trust them? Will they pay after you complete the data entry job?

Visit; it is a website where users post complains about scammers; here you will find a large number of user complaints about CAPTCHA job scams.

You can get lot of CAPTCHA data entry jobs, but more than often, your employer will not pay you any money; you will waste your time for nothing.

Reason # 4

CAPTCHA entry job is extremely boring. After just few hours, you will most probably decide to quit anyway.

Reason # 5

Spammers use freelancing-website to create their dirty job-listings. A good site has a policy of not allowing users to post hacking/spamming related projects. The support team will delete such listing immediately, and will ban the users who have created them. They can also ban freelancers who continuously try to apply for junk jobs like CAPTCHA work.

There are many legitimate ways to make money on the internet, so you should not waste your time in doing or even looking for this spamming work. To find real, legit and spam-free opportunities:


Difference between free typing jobs and spam captcha entry work

Do not mix legit typing jobs with captcha entry work, which some people call a captcha typing job. I already have mentioned what captcha work is; it requires you to type stuff in a software that is why some people are associating the word typing with this spam work.

The fact of the matter is that you can find simple and real typing jobs on many freelance websites one of which is UpWork. These freelance sites have a huge marketplace where buyers post real typing jobs.

In a real typing project, you read content from PDF or scanned images and type it into Microsoft Word files. This is how a legitimate typing project works.

Is captcha entry a good home based business?

Let’s say you don’t care about captcha entry being a spam and illegal work, so then is it a good home based business? Very few sites are paying users/members money for doing this spammy work. If you join their spam network, you will receive a software and some instructions. After you install their software, you start seeing captcha screens; you need type each one correctly. You only get money for captcha that you enter correctly. The biggest issue is the amount of money you make. It is around $0.01 for 100 entries. How many entries do you need to earn just one dollar? Do the math!

captcha-entry-is-scam-image-3Your fingers will get numb before you make your first dollar. Earning money from captcha entry is a stupid idea, and there is not much money to earn in the first place as this is one of the lowest paying work you can find on internet. You will bore to death from doing this nonsense job.

Is it a good job for home staying moms?

No, it is not. This is the worse job mothers, who can’t afford to get an office job, can do. There are lot of real home based businesses on internet; why would moms waste their time in doing captcha entry work? They can earn money by writing articles; for 1 hour of copywriting work, they can earn between $20 and $100. Now compare it to 1 hour of captcha entry earning, which is around $0.01/$0.05. I cannot think of one good reason why a person would choose to do this cheap job.

Data Entry vs Captcha Entry

There is a huge difference between these two jobs. The biggest one is that data entry is 100% a legitimate job. This job requires you to enter data from one medium to another. It involves no spam work; what you do is 100% real and legit work. Here is an example of a data entry work, which I personally did back in 2005. A buyer was building a web directory of nightclubs in the USA. He wanted to find details of all nightclubs that had an online presence i.e. the ones who had a website. My job was to find such websites and copy their address, email, phone number, and website URL into Microsoft Excel sheets. It looked like a lengthy project, but the buyer was paying good money so I decided to do it. It was the right decision as I was able to collect all the required information in few days. It turns out, not many nightclubs had a website back in 2005. :)

Is Getpaid4typing dot com a legitimate or a scam site?

Short answer: it is 100% a scam site; do not trust Getpaid4typing. I wrote a separate article about this topic. It explains in detail why this is a total bogus website. Use the search box on top of this page to find that article if you want to read that it.

Getpaid4typing is not a company. A person living in India is running this small fraudulent website. There is not an ounce of truth in the content available on his website. Getpaid4typing claims to run a successful business and you can join it to make money every single day. These are lies and nothing more. The owner of Getpaid4typing is trying to fool you into doing some free work for him. Yes, if you join this website, you will waste your time only to find the truth later on, which is that this site Never Ever pays you any real money. This person is using a very cheap method to make money for himself and waste other people’s time.

getpaid4typing-is-scam-image-4If you join Getpaid4typing, your first task is to complete an offer or survey. The owner of Getpaid4typing makes money every time someone clicks on these advertisements. You should join a real PTC [paid-to-click] site like ClixSense where you can make money from playing games, completing offers and surveys, and from some other easy stuff. Getpaid4typing is by no means providing you with a real work at home business. And remember, captcha entry jobs are spam work, so don’t waste your time searching for them. Getpaid4typing is not providing any typing, data entry, or captcha entry jobs. The owner of this website is only interested in making money for himself.

I have included few PTC and freelance websites in the list above. These are all legitimate companies; some of them are big brands operating from USA. You can trust them; they provide many ways to earn real money online.

The person running getpaid4typing is receiving simple typing and data entry projects from the same freelance sites, which I have listed above. Instead of completing these projects himself, he gives them to people who join his fake company. Members complete the job and send him the completed work. He then sends it [after checking the work for any errors] to the employer who gave him this job. He gets paid, but what about you? Well, according to the so-called “Terms & Conditions” listed on getpaid4typing, you have to complete one job free of cost! He is not going to pay you any money for the first job he asks you to do.

Ok, so what happens next? Does he pay you money when you complete your second typing, data entry, captcha entry,  or writing job? Well, there is no second job, ever! The scammer running getpaid4typing is not going to contact you once you complete your first real online job. Note that this job is different than the paid surveys/offers that he will make you complete. He might even give you a big captcha entry work to do for which he will never pay you.

Is CaptchaClub real or fake/scam?

captchaclub-pirating-moviesAre you thinking about joining captchaclub? If you are then Please Stop. This is 100% a scam website. A scammer living in Pakistan is running this fraud site. Do not join this website! Pakistan is a third-world country; do you really think someone living there is running a successful online company and is paying real money to other people?

Few year back, captchaclub website was a host to pirated movies. Yes, the same person who is running this website now was uploading pirating movies to this website and he was letting other people download them from this very captchaclub site. How do I know all this? I have been using internet for a long time now; I have few tricks up my sleeves. :) Just joking, you can easily find historical data for any website. You can use online tools to see what a website used to look like in the past. I have written about this in detail in a separate article; use the search box above to find “Captchaclub review” article.

Joining websites like captchaclub and getpaid4typing is a very bad idea. One of biggest danger is losing your money to these scammers. When you register an account with these devious looking websites, you give away some sensitive information which these scammers later use in their phone/call fraud. For instance, their registration form may ask you to enter your full name, address, and mobile number. After the basic registration, these scammers use different tactics to get some information about you. One technique that works well is that they ask you to give them your full bank account details.  They tell you that after you earn money with their company, you can request a withdrawal, but before you can do that, you must provide your bank information. The success rate for this scam is very high!

What can scammers do with your bank account details? It’s not like they can withdraw money from it, so why is this a big deal?

Once they have all information about you, they use phone scam to get your credit card number or blackmail you into sending them money. They use the so called Call-Centers for running this scam. Few days ago, I read a news on BBC or some other channel. It was about a big call-center scam busted in India. The scammers were able to receive millions of dollars by scamming people in US, UK, and other countries. They were able to do all that from a small scam-house in India, which they refer to as a call-center.

captcha-entry-is-scam-image-10After these scammers have your name, address, bank-account details, etc. they use different phone scams, one of which is about getting your credit card number and another one where they blackmail you. They call you when you are in your office; they claim to be calling from your bank. They tell you some story like there is a problem with your bank account and IRS [Internal Revenue Service] is looking into it. They try to scare you. Many victims fall for this scam; the caller tells the victim to transfer a certain amount of money into scammer’s bank account; if the victim does that, he can make this case go away. This is just one of many tactics scammers use to steal money from innocent people.

If you really want to make money online, then forget about captcha entry jobs. There are many legitimate ways to earn money; check the links I included above.

Featured Comments:

Author: jbo
Date: 2017-01-26 01:42:46
Said: captchaclub-dot-net is this the one you are referring in this review?

Author: Admin: The Binary Options Geek
Date: 2017-02-02 16:39:35
Said: captchaclub-dot-net and captchaclub-dot-com, both are run by the same guy. Both of them are scam websites.

Author: ::YASH::
Date: 2016-08-13 08:27:57
Said: It is fake! If you earn $100, then they tell you to deposit $40 first, and if you don’t deposit, then your account is closed. SCAM

Author: Debdut Kar
Date: 2016-12-18 12:47:15
Said: The captcha workers in kolotibablo uses some kind of tricks & they solve 1000 captchas in just one hour & top position holders solve 3500-4000 captchas on avg. per day which is beyond human limit. If captcha work is scam, the workers are also scam. It’s like poison neutralizing poison.

Author: ANKIT
Date: 2017-02-03 07:11:00
Said: kimakinifotech dot com is real or fake? They said that they will pay 0.40 paise(Indian currency) for each entry.

Admin’s Note: Why are you searching for these shady looking Indian companies? Most of them are run by scammers. You should join the sites I have listed above. These are US based, multi-national freelancing companies.

Author: Karthikeyan C
Date: 2017-02-17 05:44:16
Said: Karthikeyan C said: I’m Interest in doing this work.

Aju said: Sir, I want home based work; can you help me sir?

Prakash swain said: 2captcha is a No-1 fraud company. They block your account when u reach to minimum payout level. Their server is very slow, u can do maximum 100 captcha typing at one hour of time. For 1000 captcha typing u need 10 hours. They pay u 1 dollar for 3000 captcha & when u reach dollars they suspend your account without reason; this has been the case with me. Friends beware of 2captcha scam.

Paddu said: Can we use all the above listed PTC sites in India? Are these sites working for Indian individuals?

Suresh balami said: Can we trust fivestarwork dot com website and its work? kindly answer if someone know the fact????? please answer.

Loyd said: I am interested to do this work.

Mendy said: How can I contact you? My address is laxamana**** at gmail dot com. Send me message pls. From Philippines…

Vignesh said: I think megatypers is best one compared to all others.

Tashreef Ullah said: Hi, I want to start work today, but how can we work and how many captcha we need to do in order to get paid daily?

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    Getpaid4typing [dot] net, is a scam website. They have scammed me. Please help me, how do I get my money from these ba******?

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      All the same, beware friends unless someone is able to give concrete proof of having earned from any of these sites, I prefer to stay away. write to me if any one comes across something genuine.

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    • Gayathiri

      Hi, I saw your post, you are very disappointed in captcha jobs, but they are very genuine jobs; companies release the payment weekly on the right time. The captcha sites are not spam. I doing this job for the last 6 years. I don’t ask anyone to get a payment, I am my own Boss. If you are interested, kindly email your contact details and tell me where you are from, I guide people.

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  • Zaali P

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    Oh my! Seriously I have 2 pending offers right now and I’m glad I do my research first before doing anything! I applied on this job last night it says “US data provider (data entry work) and the typist job at Upwork (formerly oDesk). Seriously this needs to be stop!

  • Lena

    Can you be arrested for this kind of work? I’m concerned because I did not know it was illegal before I spent an hour doing this data entering work. I just don’t want jail time for being deceived.

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    CAPTCHA entering is fraud work, please don’t do this… I wasted my 47 days in doing this work. At last, they blocked my account without any reason. It is a fraud company. Public should be more alert.

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    So many stup*d people are trying to make money from this spam work; listen to me, this work is fraud, and there is NO MONEY IN IT.

    • funny

      Funny, to make a comment, you have to enter captcha. And the writer just said, if you work eight hours, you earn 3 dollars. Isn’t that something or you’re just too arrogant and proud to say that’s not money? $3 in Pakistan is enough for a day. Heck, some people in the world can do well on $2 a day. Check the poverty status of the world; most of them are in it. $2 or $3 is better than starving to death. I guess you expect to type captcha for $1 per word.

      • Adeel

        No, not so funny

        I said this is SPAM WORK. Did you not read??????

        Or maybe you are a someone who is ok with making money even if the work involves criminal activity.

        You are willing to involve in any cybercrime as long as you make money. YOU CRIMINAL!

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  • Anne-Marie Large

    Someone lured me into doing one of these solving things. I didn’t realize that it was spam, although looking back it’s obvious.

    What I’d really like is a data entering job to actually create captchas. I’ve seen some which are quotes from TV/movies. I’d love to create those!

  • Travis

    I’m sorry to tell you this administrator but not all captcha jobs are scams. Please redo your search before judging them all.

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    I was once a victim of CAPTCHA entering in odesk. The job title appeared so differently to the real job offer. Even now, I always find this job in odesk.

  • Raiz Junaid

    Thank you for the enlightenment. I was not sure what these CAPTCHA entering jobs were but you made everything quit clear. It just so happens, I did this work for 3 days hoping that I will be able to increase the amount of work done it was extremely tiring and very boring too. Then when I asked them to pay what they owed me, I stopped hearing from them.

    Now I feel stupid and bad, not for myself but for the websites to whom my actions delivered harm.

  • roshan143

    Man, someone promised to pay 20$ for 1000 words through freelancer. They said they will pay me after 7000 entries. I typed over 5000 entries in 5 days until I decided to check the site through the details provided in the software they gave me. I felt doubtful and I found this article. Thank you guys for the info. Someone should punish these idiots. Thank God, I wasted only 5 days but at least it improved my typing. Be safe and alert guys…

    • eez

      Gosh, I think we’re working on the same thing… I’m typing this comment while working on those captchas data entering. I’ve typed 4000 captchas until now. I am going to e-mail that person right now asking for clearance.

      • Ahmad Gharib Nawaz Khan


        • raghavendra

          Where are these sites? Tell me the names of some companies.

  • Nayem

    Are you crazy? How do you think that just solving some easy captcha would give you 10$?

  • Arlene

    How many pennies are you making in a day? :)

  • Kelley

    Are you retarded or something?

    CAPTCHA entering is SCAM, period.

    No legitimate website can offer this work as the work itself is illegal.

  • ali

    Is Cash2Get a scam or is it real?

  • Vega

    I have been doing this sh*t for the last 3 months and today I am reading your article, and am realizing what a big mistake I have made.

  • Maryy

    You are 100% correct. I did CAPTCHA entering job for about a month. When I made a withdrawal request they blocked my account, so yes this is FAKE.


    I have done this work at “Megatyper’s” and it is too hard. It took nearly two hours to earn one dollar (1000 captcha.)
    I have also worked on “Qlink” where I earned only 32 rupees for 1000 captcha.
    I thought it was fake, but I heard that if we use software then we can earn nearly 10 to 15 $ per day.

    • A.W. Joseph

      A.W. Joseph Yes you can use automatic captcha entry software, but they will detect it immediately and close your account.

  • Megha

    Is getpaid4typing [dot] us website fake?
    How can we save us from being cheated by any such website who offers such data entering work?
    Can someone help me by telling about a proper, safe, and legal website?

  • arun

    Is FreelanceJunk a SCAM? If anyone knows, please give information.

  • mohit

    You know what; I got these data entering type of invitations on both Elance and oDesk, now what to do?

  • anne

    I got one CAPTCHA entering job from oDesk; the site is legit right?

    • Admin: The Binary Options Geek


      oDesk is a legit site however, all CAPTCHA related jobs are spam and illegal. Please report such projects to the support team.

      • Zaali P

        Not at all, all these sites have their companies, how do you think they got these licenses? of course it is all legal at different countries, so no worries about it.

  • Dr Mukesh Desai

    This information is informative, never knew this before. Please guide in finding legitimate ways to make money on the internet.

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