Online typing & 11 other simple jobs 4 your home office

Typing jobs are free and easy to get, but unfortunately, the revenue it generate can be a bit dissatisfactory. People living in US, Canada, UK, or other developed countries, are looking for work that pays at least $6000/month. Sad to say, typist cannot generate this kind of money. It is hard to make even $4000/month. Nevertheless, this is still the easiest home based business you can find on internet, not to mention its simplicity. You can work at home and earn decent amount of money from this simple business.


This is indeed a simple work to do. It requires no special skills, or any higher-level education nevertheless this work takes as much time to complete as any other high paying job. Payment for doing a programming or copywriting project is much higher. This is mainly due to the fierce competition among freelancers from third world countries [India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc.] who are online most of the time and they bid on every listing employers post; additionally, they offer to do more work for less money. Compensation for typing work has therefore reached a rock bottom. $3000/month or less is what you can expect to make now.

It is a great legitimate opportunity to generate money online, but only for those who are looking for a $4000/month or less income source. One can do this as part-time or full-time work. It is undoubtedly the easiest free job one can get online. You can start this business as a part-time job; it can enable you to earn good income. This option is very suitable for people who have only few hours in a day when they can do a part time job. These include students, teachers, doctors, and lawyers.

Save the Student

hire-me-online-jobs-image-1Many students are in need of extra money. To get education from a good institution [school or college/university,] they need to pay high tuition fee and the cost of living is high too. Additionally, they have to purchase books and other accessories they need for their education. They also have to pay rent and bills. These big expenses are often the reason why many students drop out of college. It is really a sad situation; I mean, no student would stop studying just because he don’t have the money to pay his tuition or any other fee.

If you are a student who needs to make money, then you are going to find information about many free internet jobs here on Students can only work for few hours during working days as they need to study as well, so their best option is to look for typing jobs online. These are extremely simple jobs and they require no experience or any special skills. But yes, if you have fast typing speed then you can make more income and finish each job quickly.

What are other online jobs options for students without any investment?

Typing is only one of several online opportunities; there are many more! In terms of simplicity, typing jobs are followed closely by data entry work. It is very similar to typing; it requires you to move data from one place to another. Usually, you use your mouse to copy some data and paste it in some file. Data entry, or copy-pasting, jobs are also easy to do. You can get them using internet without any kind of investment.

To start, you need to open an account with one or more freelance websites. These sites have a marketplace where employers hire freelancers to work for them. Thousands of students are already working at these sites; they are making a good part-time income from these sites. You can join these sites for free; you never have to invest any money from your own pocket, ever!


What about scams?

The freelance websites I will show you are 100% legitimate. These are big brands; most of them are operating from USA. The ones I am showing you are running their business for more than 10 years. Do you think a company can scam people for years in USA and the government will not do anything about it? You should not worry about scams as these are trusted freelance sites.

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Paid Surveys Jobs, Offers, Games, Bingo to Earn Money

We can now make millions of dollars by playing and winning in online multiplayer video games contests; this might be hard to believe but it is 100% true. Few years back, no one could imagine that one day, nerds will make millions of dollars just by playing video games. :) This article, however, talks about another kind of online gaming; the kind that deals with very simple and miniature games. This opportunity lets you make money by playing simple online flash games. You can’t make millions playing these simple games; you can make few dollars everyday.

Paid surveys are much like filling web-forms. It is an easy and free job, and the profits are rather satisfying too. Free job that pays well, sounds like an easy income source? Yes, survey jobs are extremely easy to do, and the pay is good too however, because of the following two reasons this opportunity may cut short of being your top online income provider.

Unavailability and Country Limitation:

Unlike copywriting and programming, high paying legitimate survey jobs are harder to find. Unavailability of online survey jobs is a major issue. There are not enough survey jobs available on the internet. Number of online users who want these jobs is massive, but unfortunately, only few of them will get one.

Another hurdle is the country limitation. Companies often offer surveys exclusively to users from a specific country. Usually, they are looking for users from USA, UK, Australia, and some European countries. Freelancers who live in third world countries will find it difficult to get high paying surveys. It is free to join these sites. You never have to invest any money to get survey jobs. […]

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Online CAPTCHA Entry/Typing Jobs are Spam & Illegal Work

Spammers advertise CAPTCHA entry as one of the most easy and high paying free jobs that one can find on the internet. Many so-called “companies” and individuals are offering these jobs with the promise of great prosperity. However, all these claims and promises are lies and do not have even an ounce of truth to them. People with sick minds have devised this lame gimmick.

CAPTCHA is a free tool, which websites use to stop spammers from misusing the services they offer. For instance, sick-minded people are creating thousands of Gmail accounts per minute using malicious software, or scripts. If Google does not stop this malicious activity, then performance of their services will downgrade; it can even suffer a break-down. Such actions can have negative effects in more than one ways. So to block spammers from ruining free online services, people use CAPTCHA protection .

This system asks the user to enter a series of characters and/or numbers into a box. The visitor sees this information on an image; on the other hand, the malicious software cannot complete the registration process. Scripts and Bots cannot read the content of an image, so to overcome this hurdle, spammers ask real humans to complete the registration process. […]

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Easy Home Based Business – simple jobs at home

Use internet to start a profitable home based business without any investment. No company will ask you to invest money; you also don’t have to enter your credit card information. This is completely scam proof business opportunity and users from all corners of the planet can avail it.

Trusted online companies are providing a secure platform where online employers can hire freelancers. From simple editing to engineering, people post thousands of jobs each day. You can join these sites for free and apply for any project you like. The process is very simple:

1. You apply for a project.
2. Employer hires you.
3. You complete the given task and send it to him.
4. He checks the work and pays you the predetermined amount of money.

For simple jobs like editing, no special skills are required. With just one PC and internet connection, you can do it. You can earn money online without investing anything from your pocket.

Another opportunity is blogging. These days, building a website is not a challenging task. There are tons of online services using which one can build a completely free blog in less than 5 minutes. Even if you decide to purchase your own domain, the process is not complicated and it would not cost you more than $50 per year for both, the domain name and a good hosting plan.

Free or paid blog, you may choose any option but the important thing is writing high quality content that delivers the promised information or can engage your readers in productive discussion. The more visitors, or followers your site have the more money you can make.

To earn an income from your blog’s traffic, you can use advertisements or join relevant affiliate programs.

You can build a website without spending any money. Several blog-service providers allow users to make one, free of charge. Additionally, they provide a very user-friendly interface using which users can do customization without the need of any programming knowledge. Changing the website layout and making other changes is uncomplicated. Multiple themes are available and users can change the design with a single click. Numerous features are available.

If your goal is to start a profitable and long-term online business that can generate good amount of cash, then most probably, free blogging service will not serve you well as it has some drawbacks.

Sell Photos Online:
Do you know you can make online income by selling photos? Turn your passion into a fruitful and lucrative online business. Sell photographic material to online buyers and get top dollar for your work. Professionals as well as novice photographers can generate a significant amount of income by selling their work online.

This opportunity gives photographers the freedom to create a stable online income source. Beginners in the field of photography can benefit from this opportunity in multiple ways. With practice, they can learn new things and improve their skills; at the same time, they make some good cash, which automatically generates in the process.

One of the main advantages of doing this job is that you earn money for the work you love to do. Next time the pictures you take on your vacation, they can serve you well if you choose to sell them online. People buy beautiful natural scenery pictures for a good price. Turn your hobby into a very profitable online business.

Earn Money from eBay:
Using eBay to sell items and make money – it’s a prevailing idea but it always had its critics and champions. In addition, there are people who are still unaware of the fact that internet can be an excellent income provider. Critic’s animosity towards the idea of making a living online is because one has to stay at home instead of sitting in an enterprise office. They claim that home businesses can ruin a person’s social skills and can have negative effects on health.

The fact of the matter is that, home businesses can enable you to be socially successful as well as live a healthier life. In any office-job, one has to sit in an office for at least eight hours. Each working day, one usually has to travel for hours to reach his office – all this travelling is surely tedious. On the contrary, home businesses give you significant freedom.[…]

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Web Tutoring/Teaching Jobs | teach from home

Many believe in the myth that to make a good income online, one must come-up with a brilliant website idea; something like Facebook, Google etc. Such stories are most talked-about whenever someone thinks of making money online for a living and that usually is not a good thing.

This legend is very prominent because some brilliant people were actually able to achieve extraordinary success on the web with their superb idea(s); for instance, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, are now billionaires thanks to their innovative and superior Internet Search Engine idea.

The aforementioned ideology wields too much influence over internet users; that is why so many people fail to realize that in order to earn online income, not everybody has to come-up with a billion-dollar idea. You do not need to invent the next internet craze. For an average Joe, there are hundreds of other ways to make money on the internet, none of which requires you to think of some awesome new website idea.

Every now and then, you will still hear about a single person or a group of people who started a new web-service and became a huge hit. It is wise to not aim to be a billionaire; instead, settle for a six-figure income that you can easily generate online.

The choice is yours: either, start brainstorming to come-up with a brilliant idea like Facebook and join the web-pioneers billionaire club or be a realistic person and look for simple online business opportunities, which can help you make a good online income.

Internet has made making “online income,” for everybody, a very suitable career path to choose – even those who have lower educational credentials. Some online jobs however, are available only to those who have higher or at least intermediate educational credentials – online teaching is the best example of such employment. This opportunity is available to a variety of candidates from all walks-of-life; college & university students, professional teachers, stay at home moms, and retirees are all acceptable candidates.

People once considered teaching students online an impossible task but now, those days are behind us. In today’s digital era, tutoring from home is more or less, as effective as face-to-face schooling; some students actually consider this mode of studying more effective. Their fealty to education remains unaffected. […]

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3 Best Binary Options Trading Strategies – winning 60 sec 80% ITM system

Finding an honest and a trustworthy binary trading broker and a good trading strategy is essential. In this business, the number of dubious companies is surprisingly high, so finding a reliable firm can be a difficult task. Nevertheless, if you spend few hours on doing some online research, you certainly will find the right contender.

How to trade successfully and how to win consistently; these are relevant questions and one should find answers to them, but the most important question is this: will your broker pay you the profits that you make in trading?

Among professional traders, binary trading is starting to become a laughing stack because the minute you ask your broker to process a withdrawal request, their attitude towards you will take a 180-degree U-turn. Dishonest companies hate to see traders make profits and when they receive requests for withdrawing money, they start to make all kinds of excuses and even allegations. One way or the other, they will find a reason to not give you your money.

It is so disappointing to see a large number of brokers play dirty. They are giving this business a very bad name. There are plenty of thieves in this market but you can still find an honest and trustful company.

Making money from trading in binary options is no joke. Binary trading platform mercilessly shatter traders’ attempts to earn profits. They invest more and more money in hope to find a breakthrough but to no avail. Binary options trading is advertised, to be a source of making easy money; as if even a 8 years old child can become a millionaire by simply selecting UP or DOWN direction and then executing trades. These are LIES! No one can make profits in it UNLESS he uses an effective strategy/system; the sooner you realize this, the less financial loss you will suffer. Binary platform has a personal vendetta against investors and […]

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Binary Options Signals | Trading signals service

Making profits in Forex trading is not easy – even with a down-to-earth strategy, some traders still fail to achieve any success. A manual system usually requires the trader to monitor a bunch of currency pairs, looking for certain price movements. Staying glued to the monitor for hours is a tiresome job and not every person is capable of doing this.

typingjobs360 has started a trading signal service [for Binary Options, CFD/Forex Trading and Spread Betting]; with ITM [Win: Loss] ratio up to 90% – traders can now finally make some real money. We send the signals to traders’ mobile phone via SMS.

To make profits in binary trading successfully and consistently, you need to dedicate a fair amount of time. This usually isn’t possible if you have a full-time office job to attend to, but using our signals, you can certainly find a workaround. Binary option is not a Ponzi-scheme. You can make money in this business but you certainly can’t get-rich-quickly. This is an opportunity that lets you earn cash if you can correctly predict the price movement in different currencies, however, it’s a very risky venture, and most of the participants loss money insisted of making it.

UPDATE: is now also offering managed Forex trading accounts service. We are starting this service after receiving numerous requests from our clients. Previously, we started binary trading signals service in order to make trading easier for our clients, but for some of them, this wasn’t enough as they still needed to monitor the market and make tough trading decisions. Our managed Forex accounts service eliminates the clients’ involvement in trading as we fully manage their trading accounts.

UPDATE 2: has released it’s second manual binary trading system. It will show you another unique way to make huge profits. Use this strategy to earn money in binary options.[…]

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Top 5 Jobs on Web for Students Without Any Investment or Fee

This article explains in detail how students can make money online without investing anything. You never have to pay any fee. All 5 jobs explained here are free to join. Students can work as part-time and make real money, which they can use to pay their tuition fee or spend it on other education related expenses.

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Offline Data Entry Jobs with free registration

Legitimate data entry is the simplest form of work that one can find on the internet. These jobs are both profitable as well as doable as they demand no fancy skills; for an average Joe, this is like a walk in a park. Sadly, there is a downside too.

Employers are posting immense amount of such projects in different freelance-sites, and each one of these receives a tremendous amount of response from the freelance community. The rate-per-hour is decreasing as the number of freelancers, who are applying for every project that employers publish, is increasing. Online employees reduce their compensation, in order to increase their chances of getting the job.

On the other hand, employers benefit from this price deflation, where the freelancers suffer greatly. So yes, pay for this work is low, but it does not deserve vilification. For people living in third world countries, this is an opportunity to make a stable and handsome income. It is 100% free to register your account. You also get a guarantee to get paid once you complete the given task.

Some online jobs have certain skill requirements; for instance, a qualified programmer can do programming, or coding jobs; however, there are hundreds of online jobs that have no skills or experience requirements, what so ever. Data entry is the best example of such easy job.

Data entry is a reliable income source; it’s not like some other opportunities that stop working after a certain time-period. For instance; once upon a time, in a place called article directories, it was possible to make money by posting articles. This was one of the easiest ways to make money online, but alas, article revenue sharing sites, all of them, are now DEAD!

Data-entry is without a doubt, an easy work to do, and for some people, it can be rewarding in more than one ways. They can make money as well as learn new things. This will add new skills to their arsenal and polish the existing ones as well.

Online micro freelance sites:
Micro freelancing is a new industry whose popularity is growing quite rapidly; you can also get data entry jobs at these websites. Just as the name suggests, it is a host to fixed price and low-budget free online job listings. To clarify what this means, check the following titles that you will often see in these sites:

1. Will write 10 articles on any topic for $50
2. Will type content from one image to .docx/.doc/.pdf for $5.
3. For $20, will do any Wordpress job for 1 hour.

It is evident that freelancers posted the above project-titles; it is because these sites use a different work-mechanism. In a traditional freelancing-site, employers create job-listings, but micro-freelance sites use a completely different approach. […]

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Paid Online Mock Jury & Trial Jobs | earn $ as a juror

Online mock jury system is a fresh idea that lets attorneys polish their professional skills and correct any mistakes they might make when presenting their case in a real court. This service is most popular in the US compared to other countries and it is still in development stages. Different companies are operating free as well as paid online fake court trials on experimental basis. They are trying different methods and techniques in order to improve the whole system.

Companies that offer this service are open to hiring people who are willing to do this work with honesty. They do prefer to hire individuals with certain career background; for instances, retired or active school teachers and doctors, veterans, working or home-staying moms, law students and employees working in non-profit organizations.

These companies pay generously for each case that a freelancer attends to as a juror. This is in fact one of the highest paying jobs one can find on the internet. This work is not available in abundance though. :(

The launch of online mock jury system is a success; there is no doubt about it. However, there are not many companies that are offering this service mainly because not all lawyers are aware of this opportunity and the some of them, who do know about it, are skeptical about how presenting their case in a fake trial will aid them. This system will mature as time passes. Slowly, lawyers will start to see the benefits this system has to offer. […]

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Online Paid Website Testing Jobs, user and usability test

Website usability testing is one of the best part-time jobs one can find online. This job is both, fun and rewarding. It is neither a boring job nor is it complicated; you are simply required to visit a website and test few things. A person with, an inquisitive mind and some creativity, can go a long way in this field. Companies pay top dollar to testers who have a track record of giving worthy feedback. The tester’s job is to help convert a weak website into a robust one.

This is a good part-time opportunity, which can increase you income handsomely. You cannot make a living from website testing jobs, though. These jobs are real and you can find them online but they are not available in abundance. Only few hundred website testing jobs are available each week. The number of candidates for these jobs is increasing rapidly, so you should not expect to get this work on regular bases. On top of that, freelancers can apply for these jobs for free so this makes getting them even harder due to the competition among freelancers. […]

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Can you really Make Money with Binary Options Trading?

Executing trades in binary options is a child’s play, or is it?

Binary trading is a new form of investment in price movement of Forex and stock markets. This system has a very user-friendly design. Executing trades is very easy, so easy that even an 8 years old child can do it. However, this does not mean that making money in this business is as easy. Winning trades is extremely challenging so NO, a child or even a professional Forex trader cannot make consistent profits in this business unless an effective trading strategy is in play.

Do all brokers pay profits that you make in trading?

NO. Unfortunately, there are many crook companies operating in the market. Whenever an investor wins a trade, the broker is the one who is actually paying the profits and when they lose trades, the broker earns money. Hence, the only way a binary options firm can make profits is if traders lose trades. Keep this in mind; do not believe in any lies that your “Account Manager” tells you!

Is binary option gambling?

Most companies will avoid talking about this topic. This is because they do not want you to know the truth; they want to keep their customers in the dark. They are trying hard to give you the impression that this business involves real Forex trading. Representatives of such brokers will make up all kinds of stories about how options work. They want to hide the fact that if a trader wins a trade, they themselves have to pay you the money. If a customer makes profits, the company pays the money from their own pocket.

An honest, trustworthy company will not lie, and they will straightforwardly tell you that binary options is in fact Gambling, its real name is “Financial Betting.” The platform only uses rates from Forex and stock markets, and the only use for these rates is to show them to the customer in the so-called trading platform. There is no actual trading done. You never actually buy or sell any currency or company’s stock. All you do is speculate on the direction of an asset’s price. In other words, you gamble.

Forex, Stocks, and Gold trading:
You can also invest money in Stocks, Forex, and Gold markets using online trading platforms. This is not a free opportunity; you obviously need initial capital to get started. You can open an account in less than five minutes. Buying or selling assets is also easy because the trading platform is very user-friendly; the real challenge is to make consistent profits in this business.

You cannot rely on luck, successful traders use knowledge, experience, and strategies to make profits. Serious commitment is required. If you want to test how this business works and find out if you can make profits or not, then you should trade for few weeks in a demo trading account. Many companies are offering free demo accounts.

Remember that this business is both risky and tricky. Do not invest a large sum of money unless you are sure about what you are doing. If you are able to make profits using a good strategy, then get a real account, and carefully invest your money. […]

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High Paying Web Content Writing Jobs

People with professional as well as intermediate content writing skills can benefit from the free online freelance market in which they can easily receive copywriting work. Internet is providing several hundred sources, for writers, from where they can get work consistently. Online writing jobs are available in abundance and more interestingly, the pay is generous.

In recent years, unemployment has hit the world hard – creeping unemployment rate is forcing people to look for alternative ways to make income. Nevertheless, there is one profession, which does not seems affected by this, whose popularity is actually increasing each day. The profession in question is online content writing.

There is a huge demand for writers these days and buyers are paying top-dollar for high quality content. For writing a small article, one can make up to $100!

A professionally written article can sell online in access of one hundred dollars! You can make enough money to support your whole family. With this opportunity, you can pay all your bills, any debt, or mortgage while you stay at home and spend quality time with your family. Writing jobs can enable you to make more money than a person who has a full time office job. […]

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Paid Product Reviews – Get cash for testing items at home

List of online income opportunities is a long one and as years pass by, some of them fade away. As others have come and gone, paid online review jobs have managed to survive. Its proximity to a full-time office job [in terms of the income it generates] has made it a highly likeable and famous business. Due to its fame, more and more people are looking for them; there is now a significant imbalance in supply and demand for these jobs. There is not enough work for every freelancer; nevertheless, talented reviewers can still get them with ease.

Some misconceptions have conjured due to the unavailability of these online jobs; the most common misconception of all is that, this opportunity is available to only few selective people. This is just a myth; reality is that this work is available to people all across the globe. There is certainly a shortage of suppliers, but that is because too many people are looking for them. The demand is much higher than the supply. Even so, a talented newcomer will not face much trouble finding them. […]

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Work from Home |Free Transcription Jobs 4 MBBS Doctors

“A pc-geek is making money from online jobs” it is a statement, which will not surprise many – but if the words “A pc-geek” are replaced with “A Doctor,” then that is a completely different story. If you tell your date that you earn money using internet, then an immediate break-up is imminent. Many people consider online entrepreneurs, Nerds – this is both sad and depressing. People still fail to realize that internet has matured to a level where it can provide a good income source for just about anyone. The only thing lacking is the lack of respect and appreciation people have for online income opportunities.

Doctors are highly skilled professionals who receive very good compensation for their services – additionally, their field of work gives them immense amount of respect. If for some reason, a doctor wants to make his or hers income online, either as a part-time or full-time work, then achieving this goal is easy; however, dealing with the stature of this work can be a bit challenging. […]

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Transcription, Voice to Text & Translation Jobs

Online transcription jobs are similar to simple typing work; in both, you need to type content. However, transcription jobs pay more money because they consume more time and require freelancers to have some past experience of this work. […]

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Earn easy coin by reading emails | Get paid PTC sites list

One of the simplest ways to make money online is by joining PTC sites. These advertising companies use fun and entertaining ways to promote products. Users can join these sites for free; they get paid to view advertisements. Advertisers promote their products using PTC sites.

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Become an online virtual assistant and make money

Working as a virtual assistant, you can save a lot of money. You will do this job at home, so you can save expenses like travelling, food, cloths etc. These expenses are all present in a full-time office job, not to mention the stress that comes along with it. An online job helps you save money and avoid all the stress.

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West Ham vs. Manchester City Tips, Forecast, & Odds 10.08.2019 – Premier League

Fans are expecting fireworks for the season opener!A successful title defense in the Premier League was sought in vain for ten years – at least until last season. Manchester City won the title for the second time in a row. With Jürgen Klopp consistently on the heels. In the third season in a row Manchester […]

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Washington DC vs. LA Galaxy Forecast & Odds 11.08.2019

So did D.C. recovered from home debacle against Philly? Game: Washington DC – LA GalaxyTip: More than 0.5 goals WashingtonQuote: 1.80Date: 12.08.2019, 01:30 clock After being dominated at home year after year, DC United has already taken another debacle this season. Philly scored five goals against Washington, the second-highest defeat in club history of DC […]

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GTX 1070 Broken: Can I save it by simply baking it?

After nearly two years, my Nvidia GTX 1070 failed. By baking, I was able to save the graphics card from going to disposal. That was incredibly annoying; “Battlefield V” just came out and I wanted to indulge my hobby. But after a round, nothing worked in my PC. The screen showed only stripes, after a […]

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Facebook Research App for iOS banned from Apple Store!

Facebook pays (even underage) users who disclose their smartphone activity via app. Apple has put a stop to the snooping application on iOS in the App Store. Earning pocket money with a smartphone, what sounds like a joke to many was possible with Facebook’s “Research” app. The social network paid users up to $20 a […]

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Batman Movie – Confirmed: Ben Affleck is out, looking for a younger Batman actor

Now it’s clear; Ben Affleck is no longer the Batman. Director Matt Reeves has started the search for a younger actor. Theatrical release for 2021 is announced. Warner has been working on a Batman solo movie. Now, the production is finally progressing, but one actor is definitely not playing a role anymore and that is […]

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PayPal: Fraudulent/Scam Emails Luring Users into a Trap

A new day, a new fraud attempt; cybercriminals are currently sending in a new wave of fake mails under the banner of PayPal. Please, do not fall for it! Almost every day, scammers on internet try to get hold of your personal information (phishing.) The focus is usually on large and well-known providers, where usually […]

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MySurvey Review: Can you make money with opinion polls?

The site MySurvey is certainly a place that deals with the topic of “making money on the Internet.” The provider has been on the market for a long time and enjoys a high reputation. In my review, you’ll find if you can use MySurvey to make money from surveys, or if it’s just one of […]

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Windows 7/8/10: Program cannot be stopped – What now?

If you no longer want to use software, close it. Sometimes that does not work; so how to deal with such stubborn software? Not every software runs with affection: sometimes the surface disturbs, a high power consumption, or the (too big or small) functionality makes a software less desirable. Some programs are even suspected of […]

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Published: January 28th, 2019

Apple: Subscription service for digital magazines is apparently on the way

First indications have surfaced that Apple is launching a subscription service for magazines. Countless interesting magazines exist all over the world. No matter if sports, lifestyle, science, or gaming – there is a corresponding product for every interest. The problem: How to pay for this flood of print products? Falling prices are rarely an option, […]

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Updated: January 28, 2019 at 12:44 PM
Published: January 28th, 2019

FIFTY Percent Fake accounts: Does Facebook have a gigantic problem at hand?

Is Facebook lying when it says it has 2.2 billion active users? At least that’s what a fellow student of Mark Zuckerberg claims. It is the largest social network in the world. We are talking about Facebook, which claims to have more than 2.2 billion active users per month. In plain language, this means that […]

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Updated: January 28, 2019 at 12:22 PM
Published: January 28th, 2019

CFD Trading Strategy in 2018 for Traders – Guidance & Practical Analysis

CFD Trading is not a new trend, especially in England, these “contracts” have been established since the 90s. Meanwhile, many CFD brokers are also active in many other countries, so CFDs can be traded on virtually all important underlyings such as stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. The trading of CFDs offers interesting yield opportunities due […]

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Updated: December 5, 2018 at 12:33 PM
Published: December 5th, 2018

Getting a Forex Demo Account in 2018: Things you need to know

Retail Forex brokers have enriched the industry with a customer-friendly innovation; nearly all FX brokers provide customers a lot of prospects with a free Forex demo account. “Paper trading” not only provides a non-binding insight into active trading in the FX market but also a way to test strategies and to learn more things about […]

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Updated: August 20, 2018 at 4:26 PM
Published: August 20th, 2018

Basic Facts to Know About Forex Trading in 2018

Forex, how it works and what’s important nowadays? More and more private traders are starting trading Forex and there are some good reasons for that. On one hand, one can start trading in forex market with low capital investment, and on the other hand, the trading volume in this highly liquid market is almost infinitely […]

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Updated: July 3, 2018 at 2:57 PM
Published: July 3rd, 2018

What is forex trading? Currency Trading Definition, Explanation, Tips

What is Forex and what exactly is behind Forex trading? The term forex should now be synonymous term to any trading beginners. But what exactly is meant by this and what lies behind it, may not be clear to everyone in detail. We want to take this into account and explain in this guide what […]

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Updated: June 19, 2018 at 11:41 AM
Published: June 19th, 2018

Which is the Best Forex Demo Trading Account in 2018?

A demo account is essential for many traders before they start trading or switch from fake to real trading. Especially for beginners, the question is, which is the best trading demo account. We have provided information to help you find a good trading demo account. Of course, we not only give you useful tips, but […]

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Updated: June 6, 2018 at 2:57 PM
Published: June 6th, 2018